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Zimbeck - Gold  In the following game I play a bizarre opening and win by sacking my queen. 1.e4 c5 2.Nh3!? This idea was shown to me by Brian Wall shortly before the round. Apparently after 2... d5  d4 white has achieved an Albin Counter Gambit reversed. After 2... d6 g4!? 3. Nf6 g5 Nxe4 d3 wins a piece. The game resembles a closed Sicilian up a tempo. The event is World Open 2001.

Zimbeck - Matson In this game I walk out my king against an expert. USATW 2008

Zimbeck - Casella This was published in the "LA Times." USATW 2006

Zimbeck - GM Antonio  This is a recent win against a GM in the Diemer.