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David Zimbeck competed in many chess circuits at a young age. Growing up he won the Ohio scholastic state championship 3 years in a row and made master at the age of 18. David is known for having a great speed chess game taking down many grandmasters. In Paris he placed ahead of 10 GMs in a speed chess tournament. At 22 years of age, David Zimbeck has succeeded in carving out an exciting life thus far. He's lived in many parts of the world. He grew up in Ohio and moved to New York at 17. At 19 David lived in Paris for four months. He currently lives in Westwood California. Right now, David is a working actor for Mademoiselle Talent Agency and a realtor for 24/7 Real estate. He was a pirate in "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" and was on location in Freeport, Bahamas for a month. He's also appeared in several national commercials. After closing a real estate deal, David was able to invest some of his earnings into movie production. He is currently working on three short films he wrote, appears in, and is directing. You can check out more about David at